Specialized in Metal & Rock

Echopolis Productions: Music production services by Mattias Girstmair, based in Vienna / Austria.

The main focus lies on MIXING and MASTERING but the services also include POST PRODUCTION and PROGRAMMING.


(Owner & Producer)


I was born in '94 and displayed special talents and interest in music at a very early age. I started as a guitarist and drummer in various bands but I realized that making and creating music is much more interesting to me than playing live shows. 


My workflow is Cubase 10 Pro based and for mixing and mastering completely ITB to be flexible and to offer a fast turnaround time. I work mostly in genres like metal & rock but I'm always open to discover new sounds. So no matter which music genre you do belong to always feel free to contact me. 

(photo: Dominique Hofbauer / editing: Clemens Girstmair)

This is a part of my work which has been already released.

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